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Meddic Inc Partners with Habitat Consultórios

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Meddic Inc and Habitat Consultórios proudly announce their legal partnership agreement today. Habitat Consultórios' innovative business concept allowing on-demand clinic space booking for healthcare service individuals.

While Habitat brings commercial and financial resources, Meddic Inc., under the guidance of Dr Miguel Netto, brings the risk mitigation and clinical administration concerns to bear in the organization.

Habitat's Head of Operations Diogo Gonçalves and Head of Business Development Leandro Almeida jointly released the statement "We are delighted to have Meddic as part of our explosive growth at Habitat Consultórios. The smart match of Habitat's business model and Meddic's technology experience, clinical risk-management, and clinical requirements promises an exciting future."

Dr. Miguel Netto, Diogo Gonçalves, and Leandro Almeida